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So you want to be a lacrosse official?
2021 Classes have been completed.

The next training classes are tentatively scheduled for mid-February thru mid-March of 2022. There will be 4 consecutive Sunday afternoon sessions and 1 final "field" session, weather permitting.

By contacting us as your area official's association, you have just completed your first requirement towards earning your lacrosse certifications and getting onto the lacrosse field. Your next step will be to register with ALOA (see Step 1 below).

Becoming a certified lacrosse official is a great opportunity to stay involved with the game if you've played before, or get involved if you haven't had any previous exposure: both are welcome! Just know that, as lacrosse is a field game, it can sometimes be physically challenging and mentally taxing. 

Now, if you're still with us, then check out the list below of the steps you need to take to get certified and on the field for PIAA and Youth USA Lacrosse Games.

Step 1: Register for the ALOA Training Classes

Our USA Lacrosse Trainers will work closely with you during these classes. These classes will be a mix of rules presentations with a heavy focus on field positioning, mechanics, crew communication, and teamwork. Interspersed with the class discussions, you will be challenged with quizzes during each class and one final, open-book, all-encompassing exam. Once you complete these classes and pass the exam, you are eligible to be on the field as a USA Lacrosse official. To start the registration process for the ALOA Training classes, please click the ALOA logo below. Fill out the registration form, after which you will receive an email with further instructions regarding the training classes.

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In case you hadn't already surmised it, USA Lacrosse is the nationwide parent organization through which all lacrosse officials become certified and trained. There is a fee for your USA Lacrosse registration, which includes the USA Lacrosse Youth Rule Book, which will be your primary reference resource for youth contests. You will also receive a USL membership number which should be forwarded to ALOA ( If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to ALOA's trainers ( We are more than happy to help you out. To go to the USA Lacrosse Registration page, click the logo below.

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Step 3: Take the USL Exams

Once you get registered for USA Lacrosse, you will have access to their online learning database. You will automatically be assigned some basic courses on mechanics and rules enforcement, and you will be required to take 2 open book USA Lacrosse exams. We would HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to wait until you receive your rulebook in the mail before attempting your test. It stands to reason that it's more difficult to take an open book exam without the book! Not only is it easier for you to answer each question, as sometimes the answers are counter-intuitive, but it should force you to crack the rulebook and start developing your own approach towards studying the rules. To access the exams, click on the link below, sign in with your email and password, and follow the links: Officials > Certification Programs > Access Exams

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Step 4: Get PIAA Certified (OPTIONAL)

If you are 18 years or older, and expect to work high school contests, you must join the PIAA. Those 17 and younger can only work youth games, so this step is not required. However, by joining/registering with the PIAA, you will receive the NFHS Boy's Lacrosse rule book. This is the second critical lacrosse resource that you need to acquire early on. Otherwise, you will need to purchase this book separately through the NFHS. (To purchase through NFHS, click here.)

Clicking on the PIAA Logo below will take you to the registration page for the PIAA. Once registered, you will receive the NFHS rule book and you will be able to browse and find the PIAA Official's Examination for boy's lacrosse. It is open book, so use your rule book to make things a lot easier. It can be taken online, but we suggest you download the exam, take the test, and then go back into the website and plug in the answers. Once you pass, you will receive a letter in the mail from the PIAA with your PIAA ID card and a uniform patch, officially certifying you as a PIAA Boy's Lacrosse Official. Finally, you must obtain your PA Act 15 State Background clearances and submit them on the PIAA website. Directions for this process can also be accessed by clicking on the PIAA logo below.

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Step 5: Join ALOA

Once you complete the above requirements and pass the ALOA training course, your names will be submitted to the ALOA Assigning secretary and you will be asked to join ALOA. These further instructions will be given to you after the training classes are completed.

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